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  • Hey humans – your lifestyles are damaging our planet! Slow down a bit. Think what you're doing…
  • Look at all this plastic garbage in the middle of the ocean!This is one form of pollution made by humans
  • And humans are pouring huge amounts of pollution into the air which is causing…
  • …our planet to heat up. This is climate change — global warming.
  • So I've made guides to help you understand the problems the planet is facing. All my guides are based on the latest science and you can find them here on my website.
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Tiki surfing the planet: a penguin with attitude...i everyone! I'm Tiki the Penguin. My website is specially for kids (but grown-ups can look too if they really want). Did you know I'm the first penguin anywhere to make a website? And I'm now starting to find out how to make short animations.... I have to say it's really difficult. I also have a blog, just for fun!

I've got loads of stuff for you here. Some is just fun (like jokes, questions, quizzes and games) and some is more serious... I try my best to guide you through today's most important issues and problemsMost popular are my Guides for kids where you can find out important things which you need to know about our world.


Climate change: The Big Threat facing everyone. People burning fossil fuels is making our planet too hot. This is also called "global warming". Some places face extreme temperatures and terrible wildfires. Ice sheets are melting everwhere. Storms (hurricanes, cyclones) are stronger and cause catastrophic flooding. Sea levels are rising and the oceans are getting more acid. Hot seawater is killing coral reefs on a massive scale. Droughts get ever more serious. Hey kids! Powerful people who could help stop this are taking no notice. The oil, gas and coal companies spend millions to try to stop you discovering that they are trashing your future!! But Greta Thunberg , a Swedish school girl, has started a school strike for climate movement. Millions of kids round the world joined in the first ever climate strike in March 2019. Many more are planned.

Sir David Attenborough, respected and trusted veteran wildlife broadcaster not given to hyperbole , has seen so much change for the worse in his long life. In the new (April 2019) BBC video Climate Change - The Facts, he says that we face "irreversible damage to the natural world and the collapse of our societies".

When someone exagerates a lot
What is the point of learning stuff in school if you have no future because of climate change chaos which is already starting. Today's adults should be dealing with this now, but are doing nothing, she argues.
Climate change news and views (for older kids and adults)

The maximum recorded air temperature is 56.7 °C (134.1 °F), Death Valley, USA. But the ground can get much hotter. Many people die in severe heat waves.
"They have used their immense resources to create fake scandals and to fund a global disinformation campaign aimed at vilifying the scientists, discrediting the science, and misleading the public and policymakers. Arguably, it is the most villainous act in the history of human civilisation, because it is about the short-term interests of a small number of plutocrats over the long-term welfare of this planet and the people who live on it." Michael E Mann, professor of atmospheric science at Penn State University in the US and one of the most famous climate scientists in the world

Plastic is getting to be a serious problem, especially
                          when it ends up in the oceans.The problem with plastic (Updated September 2019) Waste plastic is everywhere. It's getting to be one of the worst forms of pollution, especially when it ends up in the oceans. And it's almost all made from fossil fuels. Please try my brand-new quiz to see how much you know about the plastic problem. Tip: to get a really good score, this it makes sense to read my guide first
Voir ce guide en français.

What do you know about the food you eat? Check out my Food GuideFood Do you know what you're eating? Update and upgrade completed January 2017.

Are penguins in peril? What is the planet's most dangerous animal? My Guide tells it like it isLife in danger What is the planet's most terrifying animal? Updated and re-designed, June 2016

What is energy and why so important? What are fossil fuels and is nuclear energy good or bad? Find out in my GuideEnergy What is energy and why so important? What are fossil fuels and why is using them so dangerous?

My Guide shows you that pollution isn't just about smoke and stinksPollution Polluted land, polluted sea, polluted air — pollution is everywhere. But the most dangerous pollution is that which you cannot see: carbon dioxide which comes from people burning ever greater amounts of fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide is changing our climate more rapidly than even climate scientists thought possible Update April 2019

Some people think genetic engineering is dangerous. Others think it's perfectly safe. But who owns the genes that make a fish, a tomato or you? Should they be owned at all? This is a big issue and that's why I've made this guideGenetic Engineering Some people think genetic engineering is dangerous. Others think it's perfectly safe. Who's right? And just what is CRISPR? Update links, July 2016

Planet Earth's nine lives Our planet has limits but do you know what they are?
Updated August 2017

What's fracking? Find out why this new way of getting more gas is causing such a fuss!Fracking Fracking is a way to find even more of those climate-damaging fossil fuels.

Why are people plundering the planet? My Guide helps you find outEating the future Why are some people plundering the planet like there was no tomorrow? Updated – May 2017

Tiki's Time Machine really works!Have you tried out my Time Machine? With this wonderful machine you can whizz back through time to the very beginning of everything. (It really works too. Look at the picture on the left! But don't worry: it's perfectly safe to have a go on. I guarantee you'll get back to the Present!)

Click here to take a trip through Time   (updated April 2019)

Then there's my Quizzes, and Features such as my Galapagos Islands trip and an incredible true story about an island and a planet. And don't miss my Fun stuff pages .... music, puzzles and loads of jokes sent in by kids like you.

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