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Tiki the Penguin's guide for kids which explains why so much life on Earth is in trouble
Tiki the Penguin's guide for kids which explains why so much life on Earth is in trouble
I'm a dodo, now extinct because of humans

Life really is in peril

What does it matter to humans? Does anybody care? Answer

For a start YOU care or you wouldn't be reading this. And if people didn't care, there wouldn't be any organisations like WWF, RAN, Greenpeace, the Sierra Club and many others. Nor would there be national parks and other protected areas.

If an asteroid hits the planet and causes big trouble for life, nobody is to blame. Asteroids aren't alive and they don't think. all the signals are on amber for caution or red for danger But people do think and that looks like turning out to be more dangerous for other life than any asteroid. It is 'thinking people' — supposedly intelligent and wise — that are bringing about this latest mass extinction.
Homo sapiens is the name for human beings given by scientists. It means "wise man ". Huh! Hubris or what?

Everyone knows about the famous mass extinction event 66 million years ago which killed off the dinosaurs. A large asteroid hit the Earth destroying about three quarters of all life. This was the fifth mass extinction event in the history of life on Earth. But now that humans are doing so much damage, we seem to be entering a sixth mass extinction

Chart of extinction events that wiped out most life on Earth.

Anyone with a little vision can see the indicator traffic lights are on red. But hardly anybody seems to be looking.

There are none so blind as to those who will not see
Proverb traced back to John Heywood, 1546
But you are… which is really great because now you understand the problems better than most adults. And soon you will be an adult and then you can really do something to help life in danger!
Some people consume far too much
If lots of people drive cars and don't stop at the traffic lights, you know what happens: there's a huge crash and people get hurt or killed. Well that's what is starting to happen to much of life on our planet. So why don't people care? Why are they trashing the planet with their big feet?

people are destroying the last remaining bits of wild forest and dumping rubbish everywhere

Try my Big Feet Quiz and see how well you score!

Now I have a special question for you: what is the most dangerous animal that has EVER existed? Can you guess? (Hint: no, it's not T. rex or the great white shark!)

See my answer here

Why bother? Why is biodiversity vital for humans?

Perhaps you think it doesn't matter if a humans are causing a lot of living things to go extinct. Well, I bet you didn't know about something called ecosystem services. These vital services — which people use for free without even thinking about them — depend on a healthy biodiversity.

What are people doing about it?

The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) came into being at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This was an attempt by most of the world's nations To protect biodiversity. It has not been very successful so far because destruction of habitats and species extinctions continue faster than ever.

Together we can stop the Sixth Extinction

So it's up to you young people to get moving and DO SOMETHING to help!!!

But what can I do, you ask?

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