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Tiki's cash is running outWhy does a penguin need money? Go catch a fish! All websites cost money to make and run, even if they're made by penguins. I spend a lot of time answering your emails, finding out about things, writing, designing and so on to keep my site useful. So I haven't time to go to sea and eat and have to buy my seafood... and that costs money. I also need to have a computer, a place to work and all the stuff I need to run my website for you.

Tiki in the street, collectingBut aren't websites free? Not quite. Most websites let you find out about things for free but they all need money from somewhere. Many sites get money with adverts from companies who'd like you to buy their stuff. The companies pay for the advertising. Some sites If you have a credit card, you can donate online - safelywon't let you see what they have at all unless you pay a membership fee. Other sites have sponsors and in return show a link back to the organisation that sponsors them as a sort of 'thank you'. All I ask is that if you've found my site helpful , please send me a donation to help me keep it running. You can see how helpful it is by reading some of the hundreds of delighted emails from kids around the world. My site is not commercial and is not-for-profit.

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My site is not commercial and is not-for-profit. Unlike many other sites these days that peddle lies and disinformation (also called false news), this site is based on up-to-date scientific research — proper science where theories and ideas stand or fall according to the data available. This is how science works and in the case of climate change, as more and more facts become available from different research teams around the world, it becomes ever clearer that the climate is indeed changing… And fast! The science is quite clear on this. But if the data were different and showed that temperatures were actually falling globally, then the science of climate change would itself have to change to take account of the new information.
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    Skiing superpenguin, Tiki

    Tiki the Penguin

    June 2019





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