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Tiki the Penguin's Guide to Energy

Energy powers your muscles so you can move. And it powers your brain so you can think.Energy is special. There's lots of it about and it's very useful. Why? What makes energy so important? Here's just a few reasons.

  • it lets me swim fast and catch my fish
  • it gets you out of bed in the morning
  • it means that birds can fly, tigers can roar, wind can blow
  • it makes the sun, the moon and stars shine
  • it makes plants grow — food (= stored plant energy) for animals
  • it makes cars move, factories produce things, light bulbs glow, planes fly and your computer work. I'll bet you can think of many more!
Without energy, there would be nothing: no life, no movement, no light, no heat, no you, no me… nothing.

Global warmingBut there is a problem with energy. Some people have got used to using far too much of it. This means that there's not enough for everyone. And using some kinds of energy causes terrible pollution and makes the Earth's climate get hotter.

Confused? No worries. Welcome to my new Energy Guide in which I take you on a journey through energy and, I hope, help you understand it.

Finding your way around my Energy Guide

You can jump to any part that interests you from the table below. But if you don't know much about energy, I suggest you start at the beginning. Click the blue arrow (below right) to start your journey.

I've made a crossword puzzle about energy. All the answers are in my guide.

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What's in my guide? A quick look...

What is energy? Heat and work (no, not homework!)

Where do we get energy from? And how we all need the Sun  
What are fuels? How do people get energy from them?  
What’s the problem? Pollution  
What is pollution?  
Greenhouse Earth About the ‘greenhouse effect’  
Nuclear power — Help at hand? Possibly. What do you think?  
Renewable energy About energy sources which are clean and last forever  
Fair shares and what you can do  
Links to other energy sites  

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