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Tiki with friendicicles - nice and cold in here

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Why should I visit the Galápagos Islands? Is there something special about them?

There certainly is. Join me on a visit to these volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean where life is very special indeed. Meet the reptiles, birds and mammals and see the volcanoes and lava. (Four slideshows.)

Ever wanted to travel through Time? Impossible? It's all possible with my Time Machine Travel forwards or backwards through Time on my special Time Machine. Stop when you want and have a look around. It's all completely safe. and I guarantee you'll get back to the present!
moai The story of an island and a planet
I've got two incredible stories for you. They're short but pack a big message. Then you can take a quick trip with me around the mysterious island.
Click the bird-man to start. Click here to see my stories

This is the famous ruined city called Machu Picchu

Hey kids! Come with me on a trip to Perú: I've made you five different slideshows and you can choose your own Peruvian music. Unlike me, you can enjoy the trip sitting down in front of your computer. I had to walk, climb, swim, travel by train, car or bus and even ride on a horse to see these wonderful sights. Have fun: I did!

Me in front of Inca fortress wall
What's going on here?We the world: what's going on here?
Come with me on a trip to South America, Africa and Siberia to meet some remarkable kids who live a very different life from you and your friends. Then you can find out what these kids are doing!
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Hello friends!

A Wild Turkey helps save the planet

Hi everyone! I've just helped my new American friend Tammy the Wild Turkey make an exciting page all about buying stuff. Hi! I'm Tammy the Eastern Wild Turkey. Click me to visit my shoppers' card page. Tammy is no ordinary turkey and shows how you can help your family get into Earth-friendly shopping habits. Tammy has made an interactive shopping card so you can find out exactly how your family is doing. Click Tammy's picture to see how you rate!

training oxen to plough in UgandaDown on the farm... in Uganda: I've been looking round a wonderful farm with Joseph Mugagga near Tororo in Uganda. Here people learn how to grow yummy organic food as well as how to work with animals. This is a 'virtual' visit in which you can see pictures and hear me and Joseph talking about what we see. All you have to do is sit back and watch. Click here to visit the farm.
puffin Fishy fun: I visit my seabird friends in Ireland and find some funny beehives. Loads of lovely kittiwakes, gannets, fulmars and puffins...

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