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Tiki's food guide
Tiki's food guide

Where does food come from? How is it made?

Easy. You know the answer already, don’t you? Food comes from farms — right?


weird ingredientsIt’s true that most food comes from farms in the first place, but most of the stuff people eat today has been processed so much in factories that the only way you can know what’s in it is by looking at the list of ingredients. And if you do that, you may get a shock because you won’t know what half the things are.

What are ingredients?
That means what the food is made of. Many foods have a dozen or more ingredients in them, often things you'd never guess were there.

What do you make of these, for example?

What is this stuff?

  • butylated hydroxytoluene (in some chips, salted peanuts, breakfast cereals and many other things)
  • calcium disodium ethylene diamine tetra acetate (in salad dressings and some drinks)
  • sodium L-ascorbate (a form of vitamin C)

Scary sounding names, and some of these additives may be harmful.

Tiki having a bathRaw unprocessed food comes from farming.

It also comes from fishing. Everything else is processed.

Let’s have a look at each of these over the next three pages...

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