Tiki jumps in to his quizTiki's interactive food quiz: processed food

Woo! Surprise!Do you know which foods are processed?

In my 9-question quiz, you score as you go along. Choose your answer and then click the button below to score. If you're right, a smiley clown face appears. But this face looks sad if you're wrong. Also when you click the button, a little window pops up and tells you more about the correct answer. Use your mouse to drag this window to wherever you want it to appear. When you reach the end, you'll find your final score. Good luck!

TIP In my quiz, radio buttons (round checkboxes) mean there's only one right answer to the question. But square checkboxes mean that there is more than one possible answer. Sometimes there are several. You have to get them all right to score with one point for each answer.

1. Is cheese a processed food? mice enjoying a wine and cheese party
No, it's a natural food
Cheese grows on cheese plants so obviously it's not processed
Yes, all cheese is processed
Cheese comes from cows and so it can't be processed, can it!

2. Beefburgers aren't processedburger
Yes they are!
No, they're natural... straight from the cow

3. Are cola (fizzy) drinks processed? cans  of cola
No. They come from the cola plant which grows in Mongolia
Cola comes from natural springs in Mexico. It's not processed
Like all fizzy drinks, cola is a natural product formed because of the greenhouse effect: too much carbon dioxide

4. Are big yellow grapefruits processed? grapefruit
They're yellow so they must be
Obviously. They come in cans, don't they!
Yes. They're made in fruit factories to look like natural fruit

5. Is all food processing done in factories? processing factory
It has to be or else it isn't processed
Of course it is, dummy

6. Do penguins eat processed food? penguin food?
They're crazy for it!
Only king penguins like me
Only when they get taken out by their human friends
All their fish comes in cans these days because humans take all the fish from the sea

7. Ham is a processed food. ham

8. Is bottled water a processed food? More than one of these answers is correct. You need to get all of them right to score.bottle of water
Water is not a food at all
Some bottled waters contain sugary flavourings and sugar is a food - so yes it can be
Sure it is, yes
Water is one of the best foods

9. Processed food is bad for you. More than one of these answers is correct. You need to get all of them right to score.a little of what you fancy does you no harm... but...
Some are
Anything that tastes so great has to be just fine
Just can't get enough of them. I want more... more... more
They're great. Of course they aren't bad for you.
If you don't overdo it, they're okay
Many people think so, yes
They're great. Of course they aren't bad for you
Pig out on this stuff and you'll be superfit and superhealthy

Total Score out of 12 possible points.