Tiki with friendicicles - nice and cold in here   icicles - nice and cold in here
Tiki with friendicicles - nice and cold in here

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Tiki's Funky Fun pagesTiki dancing and having fun!


Hi kids!

fun stuffYou've reached my funky fun homepage. Here you can find about my cool fun pages and check out any updates I may have done.



Tiki has games for youLots of you have asked me for more games. Here are some. I hope you enjoy them

Match the Pairs How quickly can you do it?
Connect Four You need a friend to play this with
Countries and cities guessing game A new version of Hangman
Tic tac toe/Noughts and Crosses Can you beat your computer?
How fast are you? Test your reaction time.
Guess my number How many tries will you need?



Draw this Stickman and prepare for a big adventure!


Now here's something really weird. It can't be a fly in the computer, surely? That's not possible... or is it? Click here to find out.

I don't understand this next thing. It's all about chocolate (with a little simple maths which even I could do). Click here and be as surprised as I was!

Have you ever tried messing up a picture? Goo it here. It's me but I don't really mind being goo-ed! Tip: Double-click on the picture of me and drag the cursor. Your computer will need to be able to run Java applets. Most can.

Try my pollution puzzle. Imagine you're a Pollution scout. You've got to find some of the things that people do which cause pollution and the some of the pollutants themselves. Click here for my puzzle.

Have you tried out my animal word puzzle?
puzzled puss It certainly puzzled this cat! It's not difficult... but you might be surprised how many words I've packed in. And they're all there too, I promise!juggler

Hey, what do you think about this idea? Penguins love jokes but people wouldn't understand them. So I've made a jokes page using jokes you've sent in!

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