Tiki with friendicicles - nice and cold in here   icicles - nice and cold in here
Tiki with friendicicles - nice and cold in here

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Hi kids! Welcome to my animal word puzzle. Hidden in that jumbled load of letters below, you can find the names of 41 animals. I've listed those animals on the right so you know what to look for, but can you find them? It's not all that easy!

  • When you spot a name, use the left button on your mouse to highlight all the letters. Drag your mouse along the word and don't let go till the end.. If you're right, a bell chimes (if you have sound) and that animal's name turns grey in the list and blue in the puzzle. Remember that I've used some letters more than once. The puzzle works offline, once it has downloaded.
  • Some words are not too obvious! They may run vertically (up and down) or diagonally, going up or down. If you find these tricky to spot, try using a piece of card held against your computer's screen to blank off the lines you aren't checking out.

  • My quiz works with a Java applet. This takes a short while to download so please be patient if you don't see it right away!


If you like animals and nature, you'll probably want to take a look at my Life in Danger Guide. Some of the animals in the puzzle are in big trouble. My guide shows you why.


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