Hawaii's papayas saved: Papayas are delicious tropical fruit but in Hawaii, they were being destroyed by a virus. In 1998, a virus-resistant GM variety was introduced which has saved the crop.
spudsTough potatoes: Scientists have engineered a type of potato which stops fungal blight. Blight is one of the worst diseases of potatoes. It was partly the cause of the great famine in Ireland (1845) in which tens of thousands of people died of starvation because their main food crop - the potato - was wiped out for several years in a row by blight.
cerealsRich golden rice: Many poor people can afford to eat little but ordinary rice which lacks key nutrients like vitamin A. A new type of golden-coloured GE rice which contains all of a person's vitamin A needs could end this deficiency and the diseases it causes. Sounds great, doesn't it? But some organisations like Greenpeace consider this rice to be an example of industry 'greenwash'.