rush to make money How safe are GE foods? The honest answer is that nobody knows for sure. Yet GE foods are probably safe enough from a health viewpoint because Americans have been eating them for nearly 20 years and no epidemic has happened. But absence of evidence is not evidence of absence of risk. After all, it took some time for people to realise that tobacco killed about half of all smokers (and some non-smokers too). And the giant and rich tobacco corporations have fought against the clear and incontestable evidence tooth and nail. Why? some people love money more than anything else Because they knew they would lose money! And they were right: people and governments have begun to sue them for the damage they caused. You don't die if you smoke one cigarette - but if people smoke thousands of cigarettes every year (as smokers do) for many years, every one in two will die at a much younger age than they should.

This is why some people say that everyone is being used as guinea pigs in a giant global experiment. Back in the 1990s, when GE foods were beginning to take off, many wondered what would happen if millions of people ate GE foods all the time for years. Now the experiment is more or less over and it looks like the answer is that GE foods produced so far are indeed safe to eat.