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Tiki the Penguin's guide to climate change and global warming — for kids
Poor polluted overheated planet

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Tiki on melting ice floesHave you heard about how the world's getting hotter? Most people say it is. A few say it isn't. Who's right? And does it matter? How will it affect you and your friends? How will it affect penguins? What can we do about it? These are some of the things I wanted to find out about.

Good news but...

At the United Nations climate conference (COP 21) in Paris on 12 December 2015, the world's nations made history. At long last, they had reached a fair deal to limit climate change. Things were looking good, at last. But in June 2017, the USA — the world's second biggest polluter — vowed to pull out of the deal now agreed between every single one of the world's other 197 countries. Other world leaders were horrified but now, led by China and the European Union, they seem more than ever determined to stick to the 2015 deal. It looks like the USA, under President Donald Trump's leadership, will lurch backwards by supporting polluting fossil fuels for short-term gain. Sadly, this not only makes the future look more difficult for today's kids. It also means that the USA will likely lose its lead in renewable energy technologies. These are the future.

The USA spews out about 18 per cent of the world's carbon pollution, second only to China, which emits about 20 per cent, but is home to around three times as many people.

These are ways of making, mostly, electric energy using the sun's power directly (as in solar panels, also called PV or photovoltaic panels) or indirectly using wind power. There are other methods for making and storing energy too and they are all renewable which means they can be used for ever without the global warming-causing pollution you get from fossil fuels. What are fossil fuels? These are coal, oil and natural gas, all of which will run out... but not before the pollution they create fries the planet if humans are stupid enough to continue using them!

Today's kids you! will be tomorrow's adults. It is you who will have to sort out the terrible mess left to you by your parents' and grandparents' generations.


Finding your way around my Climate Change Guide

Also often called 'global warming' and sometimes 'global heating'

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What is climate? Visit the 'climate machine'  
Hotting up The sun is hot, but pollution is turning up the heat fast!  
Greenhouse Earth Just what is 'the greenhouse effect'?  
What happens next? This extra heat is not good for us  
Good news for fish is bad news for people  
Storms ahead Here is the weather forecast  
It's not really happening, is it? Some people don't agree  
Yes, climate change is real But now there's some good news at last  
What you can do Twelve Really Important Things you can do to help stop global warming  
My global warming links page  


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