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Climate change links and resources

There are loads of places to visit so I've just selected a few which I like the best. And please avoid disappointment and don't send me more links, no matter how useful you think they are. Lots of people do but I simply don't have time to deal with them. Sorry!

Sustainable Energy – without the hot air by David MacKay FRS

"This is a free book. I didn't write this book to make money. I wrote it because sustainable energy is important. If you would like to have the book for free for your own use, please help yourself to any of the electronic versions on this website," says Sir David MacKay. He died of cancer on April 2016, aged just 48. To find out more about this remarkable man, go here.

350.org Climate-focused campaigns, projects and actions led from the bottom-up by people in 188 countries.

NASA's Climate Kids Really cool site! There's even a climate time machine

A Student’s Guide to Global Climate Change: This U.S. Environmental Protection Agency site gives you clear, accurate information about the causes and effects of climate change—as well as the steps we can all take to help solve the problem. The site features engaging videos, animations, interactive graphics, and “expeditions” where students can explore the effects of climate change around the world.

National Center for Science Education’s climate change education initiative defends and supports the teaching of climate change in schools

Carbon Brief fact-checked stories about climate science online and in the press. It gives you briefings on the people and organisations talking about climate change, and produces background materials on science issues and news stories.

ClimateBites: a climate communication toolkit. Humour, videos and really smart soundbites

Cool it! The card game that teaches kids about the choices we have when it comes to climate change. Developed by the Union of Concerned Scientists, the game aims to teach kids to be more environmentally aware.

Climate change guide: A infographic guide from the UK Meteorological Office looking at the facts, impacts and history of climate change.

Climate Mama is about what other Mama’s and Papa’s are doing to help make the world a better place by tackling climate change

Climate Change Wildlife and Wildlands Toolkit  This free tool helps teachers tell their students about individual climates and how they are affected by global warming. It's also to inspire kids to take part in doing something about climate change themselves.

Flying off to a warmer climate?  This is one of my favourites! Find out how much fuel you use and pollution you create when you fly in an aeroplane.

Green Living: A Family Guide to Going Green

Sustainability Hub: Climate change videos for kids

Climate Ark - Climate Change Portal  A huge amount of information here with news which is right up-to-date.

ClimatePrediction.net   Now this really is interesting. Here you can join in an experiment to help forecast the climate. All you need is a computer.

Friends of the Earth  What you can do .

Greenpeace International on climate change and renewable energy,


Lesson Plans, Teacher Guides and Online Resources for Educators

Climate Change Worksheets for Kids (in Spanish): Cambio Climático para Niños, en Hojas de ejercicios

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