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Hi! Below you'll find stuff about all the guides which I've made for you human kids. It doesn't matter how young you are. If you can read and care about animals (including people like you), nature and our home planet, then these Guides are for you.

All my stuff has loads of pictures to help you understand things. Some pictures are just for fun. If you want to find out more about what my Guides are for, click here.

Here's a list of the Guides I've done so far:

Plastic is everywhere and it doesn't go away but people carry on making it in vast amounts. My guide shows you why there is such a problem — it's a nasty form of pollution — and I have some ideas for solutions where you can get active and help sort out the mess!


Planet Earth's nine lives: Our planet's limits

Our planet is like a cat with nine lives. People are harming some of these lives without realising. My guide shows you what's going on... and what's going wrong!



Eating the Future!
Some people are very greedy. They want too much of everything. In a way, these greedy people are EATING our FUTURE... That's your future, your children's future and the future of many other living things. Join me in my guide to look at what's happening now, what might happen in a few years and what you can do to help make things better.


Tiki the Penguin finds out what's cookingFood - yummy, yukky or what? Hey kids! Put down those drinks cans and corn chips and crunch your way through my Food Guide. Discover for yourself what food is all about. I'll bet you'll be in for a few surprises - and not just when you try my two food quizzes!

people killed all the dodosLife in Danger Life on our planet - our only home - is in big trouble. Many creatures are dying out completely and it's almost all because of what people are doing. Find out more about endangered life and what you can do about it in my guide. Inside the guide, you'll find quizzes too so you can see how much you know. Try them!

Genetic engineering : Tiki unravels genetic engineeringGenetic engineering (GE for short) is about scientists altering the 'recipes' for making life -- the genes which you find in all living things. Doing this is very clever and seems to be very useful. Back in the 1990s, many 'Greens' campaigned against genetic engineering and still do. They predicted disaster but that hasn't happened. Nobody has died from eating genetically modified (GM) food. They were also worried about the private GE companies' ownership of the recipes -- genes -- for making these new life forms. So is genetic engineering okay? My guide explains the basics but it's up to you to make up your own mind about GE.

choking Earth
Muck, stink and poison: Pollution: You can't miss it, can you? It's everywhere... all over our planet. It makes people, other animals and plants sick or even kills them. It's even making the climate change. Humans are the cause and humans will have to try and stop it... especially you kids, because the future is yours! Please join me in this guide as I find out what's happening and give you ideas to try and make things better for everyone.

Climate change is caused by peopleGlobal warming
Have you heard about how the world's climate is changing? Some people say it's getting hotter. Some say it isn't. Who's right? And does it matter? How will it affect you and your friends? How will it affect penguins and polar bears? What can we do about it? Click here to take a look at my new guide to global warming.

Using your own energy Energy
I've worked hard to make a page all about energy. You know, stuff you use to make your cars go and aeroplanes fly and so on. There's some big problems with energy. People use too much ... but you kids could help. Click my Energy Guide to go there now!

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