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the Earth is choking

Videos about pollution

First the problems…

Air Pollution Car Pollution Smog blights Hong Kong, hits economy Factory Farm Pollution: A Critical Pollution Problem Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Oil Spill From Space April 20 - May 24 2010 Deepwater Horizon Nuclear Bomb

Now for some ideas about how to make things better…

Make Love, Not War by John Lennon Ozone agreement reached in Montreal Think Ecologically ... Reduce. Reuse.  Recycle. Noisy traffic in Jaipur Kid Talk with Mike Watt How to Grow Vegetables and Herbs in Your Home Gardenvideo player html5 by VideoLightBox.com v3.0


Back to beginning   What you can do. Lots of things kids can do to help stop pollution   go to my links page to find out more on pollution

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