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What you can do

Okay, you can't go out into the world and clean up the mess and stop all the damage all on your own. But you certainly can do plenty of things to help. And remember, Kids like you all around the world are waking up to what's going on -- you are not alone!

  • demonstration against pollutionTell your family, tell your friends. Talk about it with your teachers at school

  • find out more. You could start with my links section (click the link at the bottom of this page). Remember that not everything you see, read or hear will be the truth. The people who are making a lot of money out of pollution don't want you to find out the truth. They don't want to be stopped

  • joining a groupjoin a group who are trying to stop pollution. Again, see my links section

  • recycle your wasterecycle as much 'waste' as you can. Or don't buy stuff which becomes waste (like packaging from takeaway food). You can use real plates made of china and forks made of steel thousands of times. Plastic plates and cutlery last once and then become waste

  • silly cycleif you want to go somewhere, try and walk or use a bicycle. Cars are big polluters

  • see if you can buy food which has been grown locally. Is there a local farm shop? Some farmers deliver vegetables and other foods. Buying local foods means almost no transport is needed

  • some shops and supermarkets will deliver things to your home. You can even shop online. This means your family doesn't need to drive to pick up your food. One supermarket truck or pickup can deliver stuff to dozens of families… saving dozens of car journeys. Think about it

  • buy organic foodif you can, try and get organic food. Organic food does not contain any kind of pesticide or use chemicals that harm the land, air or water. Animals raised in organic farms are treated more kindly than in factory farms

  • try and avoid processed food and drink. Use fresh food whenever you can and don't eat out so much. Cooking can be fun, you know! Have you ever tried it? Barbecues are fun but they make a lot of smoke pollution, so keep them for really special occasions

  • grown your own vegetablesgrow your own vegetables. Believe it or not, this can be fun too! You don't need much space. You can even grow things in pots on the window ledge or in a sunny spot inside

  • if you have space, make compost from waste food (vegetable peelings and so on). Worms eat all this rotting stuff and make it into a sort of rich soil, very good for plants

  • don't buy things that you don't need or that you end up throwing away in a couple of weeks

what a contrast, eh?

Try my pollution puzzle. Imagine you're a Pollution scout. You've got to find some of the things that people do which cause pollution and the some of the pollutants themselves. Click here for my puzzle. And if you haven't tried my Pollution quiz, now is the time do give it a go.

What do you think about pollution? Have you any good ideas about what we can do to make things better? If you do, please write to me. As long as your message is sensible and friendly, I promise to reply. I will also put your message on my Friends page.

Love from Tiki Tiki the eco-penguin If you've found my Pollution guide useful, please would you be kind enough to make a donation to help run my website. I know you kids don't have credit cards or anything but perhaps you could persuade either your parents or your school to make a donation. It's so easy and you can do it here.
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