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        the Earth is choking
stink and poison

Hi friends!P o l l u t i o n
You can't miss it, can you? It's everywhere... all over our planet. It makes people, other animals and plants sick or even kills them. It's even making the climate change. Humans are the cause and humans will have to try and stop it! Please join me in this guide as I find out what's happening and give you ideas to try and make things better for everyone.

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Try my pollution puzzle. Imagine you're a Pollution scout. You've got to find some of the things that people do which cause pollution and the some of the pollutants themselves. Click here for my puzzle.

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Table of contents

Smelling, hearing and seeing Could you be missing something?

What is pollution? Muck, stink and poison

Cigarettes and smoking The biggest killer

Smoke and stuff from factories, cars and trucks Pollution you can and can't see

Food and drink Are you what you eat?

War Why are humans always fighting and killing each other?

Nasty chemicals About 'good' and 'bad' chemicals

Waste: the throwaway society

Not just stinks! Other sorts of pollution

What you can do Here are loads of things kids can do to help stop pollution!

Other useful sites Find out more on pollution and what you can do about it

Pollution videos
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