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Tiki jumps in to his quizTiki's interactive animal quiz


Woo! Surprise!How much do you know about animals?

In my 20-question quiz, you score as you go along. Choose your answer and then click the button below to score. If you're right, a smiley clown face appears. But this face looks sad if you're wrong. Also when you click the button, a little window pops up and tells you more about the correct answer. Use your mouse to drag this window to wherever you want it to appear. When you reach the end, you'll find your final score. Good luck!

TIP In my quiz, radio buttons (round checkboxes) mean there's only one right answer to the question. But square checkboxes mean that there is more than one possible answer. Sometimes there are several. You have to get them all right to score with one point for each answer.

1. What kind of an animal is an aardvark? aardvark or 'earth pig'
An aunt-eater
A South American wild pig
A creature that eats termites
A small horse with a long tail
It's a mythical creature famous for being the first animal entry in the dictionary

2. Some penguins live near the equator cool penguin with shades dancing
Yes they do!
No, of course they don't. They live in the Antarctic, silly

3. Why do African elephants have big ears? big-eared elephant
If they flap them, they can fly
Because they are nosy and like to listen in to what people are saying
Don't be rude about elephants' ears. They aren't so big as all that
They're big because they use them to help keep cool
To help them when they swim across rivers

4. Why are snakes slimy? Woo! Keep away from rattlesnakes!
They're not
To help them slither along
They can't help it
They live in slimy horrible places

5. What is the largest flying bird alive today? wandering albatross
Tammy the Turkey
Bald eagle

Size yourself up to an albatross here!

6. What is the biggest animal which has ever lived? some old dinosaur
Tammy the Turkey
Some old dinosaur, I guess
Giant squid
Blue whale

7. What is the smallest living bird? hummingbird
Tammy the Turkey

8. How long has there been life on Earth? planet Earth
4000 years
400,000 years
nearly 4,000,000,000 years
4 million years
50 billion years

9. Do polar bears eat penguins?polar bear

10. Whales and dolphins are rather large fish dolphins 'surfing'
Yes they are
No they're not

11. What do ostriches, rheas and emus have in common? More than one of these answers is correct. You need to get all of them right to score.ostriches are very tall birds
They are birds
They cannot fly
They lay eggs
They love swimming
They all eat people (if they can)

12. What do passenger pigeons, moas, great auks and dodos have in common?moa, a huge flightless bird
They're all good friends
They all eat grass
They are all very fond of humans
They are all extinct
They all have fur and four legs

13. What is this animal? Be sure to spell it right when you type it in (one word, no capitals). What can it be?Five points to you if you are correct!

14. Do real dragons exist?fierce dragon

15. The bottom of the ocean is totally dark and very cold. Are there any animals that can survive there?what lies beneath the waves?
No. Animals need light to survive
Yes, lots
Only a few old penguins
Don't be daft! Don't you know how deep the oceans can be?
No animals would want to be there. There's nothing to do!

16. Where do koala bears live and what do they eat? More than one answer here.koala bears
They live in Australia
They eat lettuce
They live in China
They eat bamboo leaves
They eat eucalyptus tree leaves
They eat kangaroos
They live in New Zealand
They eat junk food

17. Honeybees can dance bees
No they can't! Are you crazy?
Yes, they're very good dancers

18. My cousins, the emperor penguins, are amazing animals. Which of these facts are correct? There's more than one answer. emperor penguin
father hatches the egg
father stands in the bitter Antarctic winter for 3 months without eating
when the chick hatches, father gives it its first meal although he hasn't eaten for 3 months
mother spends winter at sea, feeding on fish
mother arrives, full of fish, to take over from father just after the chick has hatched
like all penguins, mother brings her chick food in a small bag
I'm tricking you. Mother hatches the egg really
mother brings back food for her chick in her stomach
mother can always find her way back to the rookery, even though she doesn't have satellite navigation (GPS) and may have to walk many miles across featureless ice

19. What does a bombardier beetle do if it is attacked?beetle, a coleopteran
It chucks pebbles at its attacker
It shoots its attacker
It pretends to be dead
It crawls into a beetle car and drives away
It sprays boiling hot fluid at its attacker

20. People are the most important animals on the planet. More than one possible answer here! lots of people covering the whole planet
Of course we are!
Many of us think we are, yes
No, we're not
Duh! Penguins are most important
Yeah, sure!

Total Score out of 33 possible points.

I hope you enjoyed my animal quiz. If you want to find out more about what human animals are doing to our planet, take a look at my Guides. To find out more about animals, try AnimalTrek for loads of info and pictures about animals (and plants).

Love from TikiTired Tiki

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