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What would happen if it rained salt? asks Jacob (aged 10). My reply

Spoon-billed sandpiper. Image: kenSave Spoonie! The tiny spoon-billed sandpiper is critically endangered because of what people are doing along its migration route between Russia, via China to Bangladesh. But 500 children from schools along the little birds' flyway got together and did something rather wonderful to help 'spoonie'. Click the bird image to find out more..

Paraguay's famous slum orchestra. Image: US Embassy in Paraguay
The Recycled Orchestra: these amazing kids make music from trash. They live in a slum in Paraguay (South America) next to a huge garbage dump, the source of the trash they use to make musical instruments. As they learn to play their instruments, they join their own orchestra. They are so good that they now give concerts in many different countries. Click here for video So could you make music from trash?

Pollution Solutions by Khartoum kids
Pollution Solutions
: a video from kids in Khartoum, May 2016

Penguin Watch: Join over 6,000 people helping scientists understand the lives of penguins. Its easy and fun! Just mark any penguins, chicks and eggs you see on photos of nesting sites around Antarctica.

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Tiki surfing the planet: a penguin with attitude...i everyone! I'm Tiki the Penguin. My website is specially for kids (but grown-ups can look too if they really want). Did you know I'm the first penguin anywhere to make a website? And I'm now starting to find out how to make short animations.... but it's not very easy! I'll let you know how I get on (March 2017).

I've got loads of stuff for you here. Some is just fun (like jokes, quizzes and games) and some is more serious... I try my best to guide you through today's most important issues and problemsMost popular are my Guides for kids where you can find out important things which you need to know about our world.


What do you know about the food you eat? Check out my Food GuideFood Do you know what you're eating? Update and upgrade completed January 2017.

Are penguins in peril? What is the planet's most dangerous animal? My Guide tells it like it isLife in danger What is the planet's most dangerous animal? Updated and re-designed, June 2016

Plastic is getting to be a serious problem, especially
                          when it ends up in the oceans.The problem with plastic Plastic is getting to be a serious problem, especially when it ends up in the oceans. Now also in French.

What is energy and why so important? What are fossil fuels and is nuclear energy good or bad? Find out in my GuideEnergy What is energy and why so important? And what are fossil fuels? Updated December 2015

Climate change Is our planet warming and why? Update links, July 2016

My Guide shows you that pollution isn't just about smoke and stinksPollution Pollution isn't just about smoke and stinks. It's everywhere Updated May 2016

Some people think genetic engineering is dangerous. Others think it's perfectly safe. But who owns the genes that make a fish, a tomato or you? Should they be owned at all? This is a big issue and that's why I've made this guideGenetic Engineering Some people think genetic engineering is dangerous. Others think it's perfectly safe. Who's right? And just what is CRISPR? Update links, July 2016

What's fracking? Find out why this new way of getting more gas is causing such a fuss!Fracking What is fracking and why all the fuss?

Not many people know that our planet does have limits. Humans are already damaging some of these. This is my guide to what science tells us about the nine limits - a sort of handbook for how to run the planet sustainablyPlanet Earth's nine lives Our planet has limits but do you know what they are? Update home page, August 2016

Why are people plundering the planet? My Guide helps you find outEating the future Why are some people plundering the planet like there was no tomorrow? Updated main guide – March 2017

Some of you send me questions. To see my answers, click here.


Some of you send me questions. To see these questions and my answers, click here. Have you a question?

Tiki's Time Machine really works!Have you tried out my Time Machine? With this wonderful machine you can whizz back through time to the very beginning of everything. (It really works too. Look at the picture on the left! But don't worry: it's perfectly safe to have a go on. I guarantee you'll get back to the Present!)

Click here to take a trip through Time (updated January 2017)

Then there's my Quizzes, and Features such as my Galapagos Islands trip and an incredible true story about an island and a planet. Oh yes (hee hee!), don't miss my Fun stuff pages .... music, puzzles and loads of jokes sent in by kids like you.

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Plato (Wikipedia)"The mind of a child is a fire to be kindled, not a vessel to be filled."
Source: Plato, one of the most famous Greek philosophers who died in 348 BC aged about 80

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