You ask me a question and I answer

Your question: What makes the temperatures cooler on earth? asks Manuel from the USA


My answer: That's an interesting question and there are two obvious answers. One is when the sun stops shining on parts of the Earth, those parts cool down. Nights are colder (usually) because the sun is not shining on that part of the Earth which faces away from the sun. On a longer timescale -- during winters -- the polar regions don't get any sunshine at all for some weeks and, for a while, it is dark both day and night. This means that they cool down and all surface water (including the oceans' surface) freezes and forms ice. They don't get sunshine for all that time because the axis of the earth is tilted at just over 23 degrees but that's another story.

The second answer is to do with certain gases in the Earth's atmosphere which trap warmth from the sun and cause the planet to heat up. You could make the Earth cooler if you could suck some of these greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere and store them in some way. Then the temperatures of the whole planet would slowly go down again. You probably know the names of the most important greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide, methane and water vapour. Right now, people are burning fossil fuels (that's coal, oil and natural gas) on a massive scale and so more greenhouse gases are pouring into the atmosphere causing the temperature to rise. This is global warming which affects everyone everywhere. My Hot Earth guide explains all about this.

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